'At the Party with My Brown Friends' Vinyl

At the Party with My Brown Friends

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Where the project's 2018 debut Mother of My Children was a snapshot of loss and landscape and of Katherine Paul's standing as a radical indigenous queer feminist, this new chapter finds its power in love, desire and friendship. At the Party With My Brown Friends is a profound and understated forward step. The squalling guitar anthems that shaped its predecessor are replaced by delicate vocals and soft keys, sentiments spoken and unspoken, presenting something shadowy and unsettling; a stirring of the waters. The end result presents a captivating about-face that redefines Black Belt Eagle Scout's beautifully singular artistic vision.


  1. At the Party
  2. My Heart Dreams
  3. Going to the Beach With Haley
  4. Real Lovin
  5. Run It to Ya
  6. I Said I Wouldn't Write This Song
  7. Scorpio Moon
  8. Half Colored Hair
  9. You're Me and I'm You