Barbara (IEX) (Metallic Blue) [Explicit Content]

Barbara (IEX) (Metallic Blue) [Explicit Content]

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Barrie Lindsay is the type of artist who is driven by precise visions of how music should sound. However, the 32-year old, soft-spoken, obsessive producer can be cerebral to a fault, prone to intellectualizing her emotions and self-consciously camouflaging herself in her songs.

On Barbara, Lindsay's first ever self-produced album, and second under the moniker Barrie, she battled these self-censoring, self-protective instincts. The result is a beautifully peculiar and quietly ambitious collection of synth-pop, art-pop, indie rock and folk songs that reflect a new willingness to let listeners into her world. Lindsay grew up tinkering with instruments in her bedroom in Ipswich, Massachusetts. "I've always craved big, layered sounds, " Lindsay says.


  • 1 Jersey
  • 2 Frankie
  • 3 Jenny
  • 4 Concrete
  • 5 Dig
  • 6 Bully
  • 7 Harp 2 Interlude
  • 8 Harp 2
  • 9 Quarry
  • 10 Basketball
  • 11 Bloodline