Buddha (Tri-Color)

Buddha (Tri-Color)

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Kung Fu Records is proud to be the home of Blink 182's very first album, 1998's Buddha. This is the record that Mark Hoppus (bassist/vocalist) and Tom DeLonge (guitarist/vocalist) used to sell (themselves) at their merchandise booth at their earliest shows in San Diego, CA. The Vandals met Blink 182 at a show they both played with Unwritten Law many years ago. Hoppus, DeLonge and then drummer Scotty Raynor were impossible not to get along with and so The Vandals started putting Blink on a lot of Vandals shows to help the band break out beyond the San Diego punk scene. Blink 182 later rewarded The Vandals' label with Buddha which, as you can imagine, is Kung Fu's biggest seller. Buddha's rough and punk, yet endearing, but also disgusting material provides an early window into what we now know as a world wide phenomena.

Blink 182 Buddha Track Listing:

1.  Carousel
2.  T.V.
3.  Strings
4.  Fentoozler
5.  Time
6.  Romeo & Rebecca
7.  21 Days
8.  Sometimes
9.  Point Of View
10. My Pet Sally
11. Reebok Commercial
12. Toast & Bananas
13. The Girl Next Door
14. Don't

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