Foxing Drawn Down the Moon Album

Draw Down the Moon (Light Pink Vinyl)

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St. Louis-based indie alternative band, Foxing, is back with their fourth full length, Draw Down The Moon. An album about aging, magic and galactic significance, each song is a different theme to explore through that lens. The record is a treasure trove of richly textured soundscapes that evoke joy, melancholy, and spiritual introspection through the examining of cosmic significance. Foxing is a band that continues to redefine itself with every release. Alas, all that is left to do is to embark on the journey and explore the rituals of Draw Down The Moon.

  1. 737
  2. Go Down Together
  3. Beacons
  4. Draw Down The Moon
  5. Where The Lightning Strikes Twice
  6. Bialystok
  7. At Least We Found The Floor
  8. Cold Blooded
  9. If I Believed In Love
  10. Speak With The Dead