Faith Hope Love [Limited Gatefold, 180-Gram Gold Colored Vinyl]

Faith Hope Love [Limited Gatefold, 180-Gram Gold Colored Vinyl]

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There's really been no other band comparable to King's X. The power of hard rock and heavy metal is filtered through Beatles-inspired pop melodies, technically proficient progressive rock chops and thoughtful lyrics. 1992's Faith Hope Love is the band's third full-length release following Out of the Silent Planet (1998) and Gretchen Goes to Nebraska (1989). Serving as King's X's commercial breakthrough, the 13-track effort is home to the hit single "It's Love" and further fan favorites like "Fine Art of Friendship" and "Six Broken Soldiers."

Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt exclaimed that, "If Faith Hope Love was released in the last 10 years or even yesterday...King's X would be as big as Muse is right now...I mean, they are only a three piece, but if you told me Hendrix teamed up with Lennon and McCartney and released a heavy album laced with soulful lead vocals, incredible harmonies, meaningful lyrics, groundbreaking guitar tone, the tastiest guitar solos, amazing musicianship, beautiful sounding production, I would say bullshit. But that's what I hear and feel when I hear King's X."

Gatefold colored 180g vinyl 2LP.

1. We Are Finding Who We Are
2. It’s Love
3. I’ll Never Get Tired Of You
4. Fine Art Of Friendship
5. Mr. Wilson
6. Moanjam
7. Six Broken Soldiers
8. I Can’t Help It

1. Talk To You
2. Everywhere I Go
3. We Were Born To Be Loved
4. Faith Hope Love
5. Legal Kill