Half Hour Of Power [180-Gram Black Vinyl] [Import]

Half Hour Of Power [180-Gram Black Vinyl] [Import]

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Having formed in 1996, Canadian pop-punks Sum 41 came up the hard way, slogging through endless local gigs before their first demo recording, made in 1998, led to Island subsidiary Big Rig releasing their debut mini-LP, Half Hour Of Power, in June 2000. Stylistically diverse, this first waxing features tracks flirting with old-school heavy metal ("Ride The Chariot To The Devil"), hip-hop ("Dave's Possessed Hair"/"It's What We're All About") and NOFX-esque ska-punk ("Second Chance For Max Headroom"). Positively received by critics and fans alike, it set the band up nicely for their breakout 2001 full-length, All Killer No Filler180g vinyl LP plus insert with lyrics.

  • 1 Grab the Devil By the Horns and * Him Up the *
  • 2 Machine Gun
  • 3 What I Believe
  • 4 T.H.T
  • 5 Makes No Difference
  • 6 Summer
  • 7 32 Ways to Die
  • 8 Second Chance for Max Headroom
  • 9 Dave's Possessed Hair / It's What We're All About
  • 10 Ride the Chariot to the Devil
  • 11 Another Time Around

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