Live At Kilby Court

Live At Kilby Court

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Hear Current Joys tear through a live set of fan favorites recorded last winter at Kilby Court in Salt Lake City, Utah. This 14 track double LP is the first time one of Current Joys' visceral live performances has been captured for vinyl and released digitally online. The four-piece plays full-band arrangements of Current Joys classics like "Blondie." "Kids," and "My Motorcycle" as well as a new unreleased track "Altered States."

  • 1 LP1: Intro (Live)
  • 2 Become the Warm Jets (Live)
  • 3 Desire (Live)
  • 4 My Spotless Mind (Live)
  • 5 Don't Hurt Anyone (Interlude) [Live]
  • 6 Blondie (Live)
  • 7 The Breakfast Club (I'm Feeling Wild with You) [Live]
  • 8 Neon Hell (Live)
  • 9 Symphonia IX (Live)
  • 10 The Unbearable Lightness of Being (Live)
  • 11 Broke a String on That One (Interlude) [Live] LP2: New Flesh (Live)
  • 12 One Minute (Interlude) [Live]
  • 13 Kids (Live)
  • 14 My Legs (Interlude) [Live]
  • 15 In a Year of 13 Moons (Live)
  • 16 My Motorcycle (Live)
  • 17 A Different Age (Live)
  • 18 One More Song (Interlude) [Live]
  • 19 Altered States (Live)

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