Seek Shelter (IEX Orange Vinyl)

Seek Shelter (IEX Orange Vinyl)

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A decade on from their first record, Iceage continue to harness their lives together through music. This journey, in music and life, has never progressed in a linear fashion. Seek Shelter  Iceage's fifth LP and first for Mexican Summer – is proof that their lives are still happening through their music, and that they remain determined to harness it. Enrolling Sonic Boom (Pete Kember of Spacemen 3) to produce, Seek Shelter sees Iceage's propulsive momentum pushing them in new, expansive, ecstatic directions. The sound of an emotional core unwound, Seek Shelter radiates warmth and a profound desire for salvation in a world that's spinning further and further out of control.

Seek Shelter, the band's first record made with an outside producer, was recorded at Namouche, a dilapidated wood-paneled Lisbon radio studio of 1960s vintage where the band set up for 12 days. It is the longest time they have spent recording a record. Steady rain dripped through the ceiling; they had to arrange their equipment around puddles and slowly-filling buckets covered in cloth so that the sound of droplets wouldn't reach the mics. Sonic Boom arranged garden lamps from a nearby party store for mood lighting in the high-ceiling space. A choir, the Lisboa Gospel Collective, joined the band for two tracks on the final day in the studio providing a new scale to singer/primary songwriter Elias Bender Rønnenfelt's incantations.

Rønnenfelt casts their new producer as a sparring partner, another wayward mind to bounce ideas off of. "We wanted a partner that had some noise that we didn't have, more a wizard than a producer. We thought he'd be that kind of wizard for us, and we were right – he came in with a truckload of strange equipment that we'd never seen before." With Seek Shelter, they've managed to hold onto a core of total presence and constant risk while writing their most ambitious songs to date.


  1. Shelter Song
  2. High & Hurt
  3. Love Kills Slowly
  4. Vendetta
  5. Drink Rain
  6. Gold City
  7. Dear Saint Cecilia
  8. The Wider Powder Blu
  9. The Holding Hand