The Bitter Truth

The Bitter Truth

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First Album of New Original Music in Nine Years!

Evanescence returns with their first album of new original music in nine years! Produced by Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Rush, Deftones), The Bitter Truth takes its foundation in the epic, signature sound that has earned Evanescence two Grammy awards and more than 23 million album sales worldwide beginning with their landmark debut Fallen, and blends it with the thought-provoking lyrics, musical sophistication, and heavy themes that Amy Lee has become known for. "One thing that has come from this crazy time is it's stripped away the illusion of control - from all of us," explains Lee. "Proof that we really don't have any when it comes down to it. A big new theme in the new music so far is disillusionment. Growing up and realizing life can be so hard, nobody's gonna come rescue you, and fairy tales aren't real- but, standing up and saying I'll take the truth rather than live in denial. Rising up, through the ashes of death and pain and everything just rising up even though it hurts and taking it to move forward. No more lies. The Bitter Truth is all that impossibly hard stuff. And I'm taking it. Choosing to live."

  1. Artifact/The Turn
  2. Broken Pieces Shine
  3. The Game Is Over
  4. Yeah Right
  5. Feeding The Dark
  6. Wasted On You
  7. Better Without You
  8. Use My Voice
  9. Take Cover
  10. Far From Heaven
  11. Part Of Me
  12. Blind Belief

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