Sun Is Shining (Red, Yellow, Green Haze)

Sun Is Shining (Red, Yellow, Green Haze)

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A gorgeous single LP highlights collection from one of music's most defining artists and shining lights, the legendary Bob Marley! The large amount of press received from Perry's recent passing has led people to rediscover these recordings, considered by many reggae experts to be Marley's best! Paramount Pictures is producing a new biopic on Marley! Pressed on a limited edition RED, YELLOW, GREEN HAZE vinyl!

  • 1 Sun Is Shining
  • 2 Mellow Mood
  • 3 It's Alright
  • 4 Caution
  • 5 Don't Rock My Boat
  • 6 Small Axe
  • 7 Put It on
  • 8 Lively Up Yourself
  • 9 Fussing & Fighting
  • 10 Treat You Right
  • 11 Try Me
  • 12 Soul Shakedown Party

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