Saigon Kick (Colored Vinyl, Purple)

Saigon Kick (Colored Vinyl, Purple)

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The gleefully raucous 1991 self-titled debut from this Miami band covered all the alternative and heavy metal bases, and while it didn't score a commercial home run, it was still a prodigious clout courtesy of guitarist/songwriter Jason Bieler! In between classic metal tunes like "Coming Home" and "Ugly," Saigon Kick offers everything from grunge-y punk ("What Do You Do," "Acid Rain") to power ballads ("Love of God") to even a couple of quite funny pop songs (the neurotic "My Life" and the homo-erotic "Down by the Ocean"). Since it arrived in the early-'90s "dead zone" for vinyl, Saigon Kick originally came out on LP only in Europe, and original copies go for a pretty penny...Real Gone's release comes in a colored vinyl pressing with lyric sheet/inner sleeve.

  1. New World
  2. What You Say
  3. What Do You Do
  4. Suzy
  5. Colors
  6. Coming Home
  7. Love of God
  8. Down by the Ocean
  9. Acid Rain
  10. My Life
  11. Month of Sundays
  12. Ugly
  13. Come Take Me Now
  14. I.C.U.

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