I Can't Let Go (Metallic Gold) (Colored Vinyl, Gold, Limited Edition)

I Can't Let Go (Metallic Gold) (Colored Vinyl, Gold, Limited Edition)

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Limited metallic gold vinyl LP pressing. 2022 release. Nowadays, voice memos, videos, and pictures chronicle our lives in real-time. We trace where we've been and reveal where we're going. However, Suki Waterhouse catalogs the most intimate, formative, and significant moments of her life through songs. You might recognize her name or her work as singer, songwriter, actress but you'll really get to know the multi-faceted artist through her music. Memories of unrequited love, fits of longing, instances of anxiety, and unfiltered snapshots interlock like puzzle pieces into a mosaic of well-worn country, '90s-style alternative, and unassuming pop. She writes the kind of tunes meant to be grafted onto dusty old vinyl from your favorite vintage record store, yet perfect for a sun-soaked festival stage. Her first album for Sub Pop, I Can't Let Go, is a testament to her powers as a singer and songwriter.


  • 1 Moves
  • 2 The Devil I Know
  • 3 Melrose Meltdown
  • 4 Put Me Through It
  • 5 My Mind
  • 6 Bullshit on the Internet
  • 7 Wild Side
  • 8 On Your Thumb
  • 9 Slip
  • 10 Blessed

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