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Though they have come to be one of the defining bands of the '90s, and an entire era of alt-rock, the number of people who actually got to see Sublime live in their heyday is remarkably small. They wouldn't experience their major breakthrough until the tragic death of Bradley Nowell, so most of their shows up until the immediate tours after 40oz to Freedom started gaining traction a year after it's release took place in impromptu settings at house parties, barbecues, and bars. There have been many, many bootlegs produced of these shows, but none can boast what $5 at the Door does: It's the best sounding live recording of the band at their pre-Sublime prime, capturing their 1994 set at Tressel Tavern, as they knock out Grateful Dead covers and sound like a runaway train car that is laying it's own track as it rambles down the tracks.


LP 1

Side A

1 Don't Push / Right Back / New Thrash

2 Work That We Do

3 40Oz. to Freedom

4 House of Suffering

5 Badfish

Side B

1 Leaving Babylon

2 Prison Oval Rock

3 We're Only Gonna Die for Our Arrogance

4 Let's Go Get Stoned

5 Pool Shark


7 I'm Not a Loser

LP 2

Side A

1 Scarlet Begonias

2 Loving / Good Hole College

3 Cost of Living

4 DJ's

5 Saw Red

6 Jah Is My Light / Greatest Hits

7 Jailhouse

Side B

1 54-46 That's My Number+B77

2 Date R\*

3 Ebin

4 Youth Are Getting Restless

5 Romantic Girl / Winner Takes All

6 Myage

7 Slow Ride

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