7even Year Itch: Greatest Hits, 1994-2001

7even Year Itch: Greatest Hits, 1994-2001

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Collective Soul's 7even Year Itch: Greatest Hits 1994 - 2001 on LP. On Vinyl for the First Time!

Multiplatinum band Collective Soul release their hits compilation on vinyl for the first time! 7even Year Itch: Greatest Hits, 1994-2001 features such hits as “Shine” and “The World I Know,” along with “Perfect Day (feat. Elton John).” In addition to their hits, the band included two new tracks, “Next Homecoming” and “Energy” on the original 2001 release. This collection celebrates Collective Soul’s breadth and versatility.

Side A:

  1. Heavy
  2. She Said
  3. Shine
  4. Energy
  5. Run
  6. Gel
  7. Perfect Day

Side B:

  1. Precious Declaration
  2. Why Pt. 2
  3. The World I Know
  4. Next Homecoming
  5. Listen
  6. December
  7. Forgiveness

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