Aerosmith's Greatest Hits on Vinyl

Aerosmith's Greatest Hits

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In the era of sex, drugs and rock & roll, Aerosmith arrived with a sexy swagger and thrusts of metal, glam and boogie woogie. Steven Tyler's lyrics laced with double entendres and witty humor perfectly complimented the group's raunchy, bluesy backdrops. Beyond driving rock and roll tunes, Aerosmith also created quintessential power ballads, a dual skill which helped the band yield a string of gold and platinum albums. Released at the height of the first stage of their career, 1Now 980's 11x Platinum Greatest Hits gathers all of the band's star-making '70s hits including "Dream On," "Same Old Song and Dance," "Sweet Emotion," "Walk This Way," "Last Child" and "Back in the Saddle" among others.


  1. Dream On
  2. Same Old Song and Dance
  3. Sweet Emotion
  4. Walk This Way
  5. Last Child
  6. Back in the Saddle
  7. Draw the Line
  8. Kings and Queens
  9. Come Together
  10. Remember (Walking in the Sand)

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