Porches All Day Gentle Hold! Yellow Vinyl

All Day Gentle Hold! (IEX Yellow Vinyl)

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Indie Exclusive Yellow Vinyl. All Day Gentle Hold ! is the fifth album from Aaron Maine and a celebratory collection of songs. Harder, faster, shorter and louder than any other Porches record, it’s direct and pointed, charged up and chaotic, described by Maine as “the most energetic, off-the-cuff moments, collaged together into the most captivating songs [he] could make.”


  1. Lately
  2. I Miss That
  3. Okay
  4. Swimming Big
  5. Back3School
  6. Swarovski
  7. Watergetsinside
  8. In A Fashion
  9. Inasint
  10. Grab The Phone
  11. Comedown Song (Gunk)

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