Apricot Princess Vinyl - 5th Anniversary

Apricot Princess

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After two guest slots on Tyler the Creator's Grammy-nominated effort Flower Boy, 19-year old Surrey-born musician Alex O'Connor aka Rex Orange County played live with Frank Ocean and Skepta, all the while working on his 2017 debut album, Apricot Princess. The self-released record is full of sumptuous hooks, jazzy piano figures and musical left-turns that suggest a true original at work. Available on vinyl for the first time!

  1. Apricot Princess
  2. Television/So Far So Good
  3. Nothing (feat. Marco Mckinnis)
  4. Sycamore Girl
  5. Untitled
  6. 4 Seasons
  7. Waiting Room
  8. Rain Man
  9. Never Enough
  10. Happiness

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