At the Moonbase Opaque Blue Vinyl

At the Moonbase (IEX) (Opaque Blue Vinyl)

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Indie Exclusive Opaque Blue Vinyl. At the Moonbase, the fourth full-length album from Slaughter Beach, Dog, is a return to form for Philadelphia bandleader Jake Ewald. Written and recorded alone at home and at The Metal Shop, Ewald's East Kensington recording studio, the album tracks an exercise in solitary production not unlike Slaughter Beach, Dog's 2016 debut Welcome or 2017's Motorcycle. JPG. On the heels of 2019's Safe and Also No Fear, Ewald's latest offering brings expanded arrangements and sharpened storytelling as he taps into salad days over slacker rock ("Do You Understand"), the dark grooves of seedy city life ("Song for Oscars"), and even a barroom-piano-driven "escapade through the great American bedroom" ("A Modern Lay"). At the Moonbase arrives March 26th on Lame-O Records.


  1. Are You There
  2. Do You Understand (What Has Happened To You)
  3. My Girl
  4. Jonathan
  5. Thinking Of You
  6. A Modern Lay
  7. At The Moonbase
  8. Fell In Love
  9. Song For Oscar's
  10. Van Morrison
  11. Notes From a Brief Engagement (at the Boot & Saddle)

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