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Beach Music

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Vinyl LP pressing includes digital download. Over the course of six self-recorded and mostly self-released LPs, Alex G has built a body of work unassuming in it's presentation but astounding in it's depth. Beach Music, his seventh full-length and his debut with Domino Recording Co., was written and recorded in Giannascoli's apartment between the Fall of 2014 and the Spring of 2015, during breaks from touring with the likes of Elvis Depressedly, Cymbals Eat Guitars, and Gardens & Villa. While it's predecessors often came in uninterrupted bursts - from his head to the internet in a matter of hours and days -Beach Music was shaped in part by Giannascoli adapting to life as a touring musician. Songs were written within months of one another rather than all at once, with influences ranging from noise music to piano-based laments to Southern rock to the rhythmic focus of techno - whatever he happened to be most interested in at the time. The result is Giannascoli's most cohesive and beautiful work to date; a stand-out addition to a catalog whose rewards continue to evolve and multiply with every listen.


  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Bug
  • 3 Thorns
  • 4 Kicker
  • 5 Salt
  • 6 Look Out
  • 7 Brite Boy
  • 8 In Love
  • 9 Walk
  • 10 Mud
  • 11 Ready
  • 12 Station
  • 13 Snot

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