Black Rebel Motorcycle Club [Import]

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club [Import]

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club B.R.M.C. on Import 180g 2LP w/ D-Side Etching

When California rock revisionist act Black Rebel Motorcycle Club released their self titled-debut album in 2001, it made an immediate impact on the music scene with its reverb drenched modern synthesis of heart on sleeve influences like The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Velvet Underground and the Stone Roses. From tone setting opener "Love Burns" to the ultra-fine space pop of "Too Real" to the sweeping "Spread Your Love" (featured in the film A Man Apart and TV show Skins), B.R.M.C. is an accomplished debut awash in the sounds of late-80s and early-90s England, albeit from a refreshing stateside perspective. This new reissue of the album contains 4 bonus tracks which weren't released on the original vinyl version and the fourth side of the 2LP set contains a beautiful etching.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club B.R.M.C. Track Listing:

1.  Love Burns
2.  Red Eyes And Tears
3.  Whatever Happened To My Rock 'n' Roll (Punk Song)
4.  Awake
5.  White Palms
6.  As Sure As The Sun
7.  Rifles
8.  Too Real
9.  Spread Your Love
10. Head Up High
11. Salvation

1.  At My Door (bonus track)
2.  Screaming Gun (bonus track)
3.  Tonight's With You (bonus track)
4.  Loaded Gun (bonus track)

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