Blackwater Park-20th Anniversary (White/Black Vinyl)

Blackwater Park-20th Anniversary (White/Black Vinyl)

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20th Anniversary Colored Vinyl 2LP Reissue with Gatefold Sleeve Packaging and Updated Liner Notes!

A much-deserved and open armed 20th anniversary celebration of Opeth's magnum opus! Two decades in and still a breath-taking piece of work, dense with extraordinary melodic moments, spine-tingling atmospherics and agile but crushing heaviness, and one that saw the Swedish metallers kick open prog's ornate doors, fed death metal through the cosmic kaleidoscope and introduced a generation of music nerds to a world of limitless musical possibilities. The reissue comes lovingly pressed with a variety of deluxe finishes and is housed in a gatefold artwork sleeve, with updated liner notes and acknowledgements.



  1. The Leper Affinity
  2. Bleak
  3. Harvest
  4. The Drapery Falls


  1. Dirge for November
  2. The Funeral Portrait
  3. Patterns in the Ivy
  4. Blackwater Park
  5. The Leper Affinity (Live)

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