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Celebrity Skin

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1998's Celebrity Skin is the third studio album from the Courtney Love-fronted alternative rock band Hole following Pretty on the Inside (1991) and Live Through This (1994). Produced by Michael Beinhorn, Celebrity Skin unveiled a much more polished power pop sound than previous efforts and features material co-written by the Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan including the popular Top 5 hit singles "Celebrity Skin" and "Malibu." The album received four Grammy Nominations including Best Rock Album and Best Rock Song for "Celebrity Skin." Original vinyl copies of Celebrity Skin were made in small numbers – therefore making this very first reissue ever a most welcome one!

Hole Celebrity Skin Track Listing:

1.  Celebrity Skin
2.  Boys On The Radio
3.  Hit So Hard
4.  Malibu
5.  Reasons To Be Beauitufl
6.  Dying
7.  Awful
8.  Use Once & Destroy
9.  Northern Star
10. Heaven Tonight
11. Playing Your Song
12. Petals

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