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After a three-year hiatus, Grammy award-winning artist Justin Bieber makes a triumphant return to the charts, earning his seventh No. 1 album with his new album Changes. Along with notching the top spot on the Billboard 200, Changes also debuted at No.1 on Billboard Top R&B Albums chart, a first for the pop icon. The response to the new record has been phenomenal, as Bieber turns in one of his most personal records yet. Justin gives the world insight into events that have taken place in his life over the past four years. From marriage to faith and his new outlook on life, Justin is reflecting on changes he's experienced and the impact they've had on him. The album hinges on themes of personal growth through life experiences, love and commitment, creatively expressed through music, giving a candid look into his evolution as an artist and human being.

The singer kicked off his Changes era with the release of the hit single "Yummy," quickly followed by "Intentions," featuring Quavo which brought Bieber back to the frontlines of pop. "He has flirted with making something approaching straight-ahead R&B throughout his career, particularly around 2013, in the Journals era. But during his last stretch in the limelight, it seemed like he was abandoning it for of-that-moment EDM-pop, kinetic songs that didn't ask much of his voice, or him," writes The New York Times. "On Changes, he finally stakes his claim, honing a vocal approach that's soothing, tender although maybe slightly tentative, a middle ground between comfort and reluctance. It is an effective album, and also a deliberately unflashy one – Bieber is consistent and confident, and also not drawing too much attention to himself."

  1. All Around Me
  2. Habitual
  3. Come Around Me
  4. Intentions
  5. Yummy
  6. Available
  7. Forever
  8. Running Over
  9. Take It Out On Me
  10. Second Emotion
  11. Get Me
  12. E.T.A.
  13. Changes
  14. Confirmation
  15. That's What Love Is
  16. At Least For Now

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