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Cure For Pain (Deluxe Limited Edition/Numbered)

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Deluxe 2LP edition of Morphine's classic 1993 sophmore release for Rykodisc. Remastered from the original source for the first time, this version has been expanded to include previously unreleased tracks. 

Track Listings

Disc: 1

1 Dawna
2 Buena
3 I'm Free Now
4 All Wrong
5 Candy
6 A Head with Wings
7 In Spite of Me

Disc: 2

1 Thursday
2 Cure for Pain
3 Mary Won't You Call My Name?
4 Let's Take a Trip Together
5 Sheila
6 Miles Davis' Funeral

Disc: 3

1 Mile High
2 Bo's Veranda
3 All Wrong (Alternate Early Version)
4 Third Stone From The Sun
5 Down Love's Tributaries
6 Miles Davis' Funeral (Alternate Fast Version)

Disc: 4

1 I Can Do That
2 Kerouac
3 I'm Free Now (Alternate Early Version)
4 Groovy Beat (Early Version of Buena)
5 My Brain (Full Length Version)
6 Untitled Spoken Word Piece
7 A Married Woman
8 Pizza Hut Variation #2

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