Curious George (Sing-a-Long Songs and Lullabies for the Film)

Curious George (Sing-a-Long Songs and Lullabies for the Film)

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Limited vinyl LP pressing of this soundtrack to the 2006 animated film. Jack Johnson is the voice of Curious George (through his music). The songs are prominently featured within the film and are an integral part of the story. Soundtrack features nine new Jack songs, including three duets with Ben Harper, G. Love and Matt Costa. Also includes a cover of The White Stripes 'We Are Going To Be Friends' which Jack has performed live on tour.

  • 1 Upside Down
  • 2 Broken
  • 3 People Watching
  • 4 Wrong Turn
  • 5 Talk of the Town (With Guitar & Vocals By Kawika Kahiapo)
  • 6 Jungle Gym (Featuring G. Love)
  • 7 We're Going to Be Friends (Covering the White Stripes, Orig 2001)
  • 8 The Sharing Song
  • 9 The 3 R's (Revision of Schoolhouse Rock! Song 'Three Is a Magic Number')
  • 10 Lullaby (Featuring Matt Costa)
  • 11 With My Own Two Hands (Covering, and Featuring Ben Harper)
  • 12 Questions
  • 13 Supposed to Be

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