Decide (Indie Exclusive)

Decide (Indie Exclusive)

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Djo - the critically acclaimed brainchild of multi-talented musician/actor Joe Keery - makes it's long awaited return with the game-changing new album, DECIDE. A spellbinding collage of snaky pop hooks, neon melodies, and deeply personal singer-songwriter lyricism, the album melds high-tech songcraft with quick wit, irrepressible spirit, and an impressive breadth of vision that showcases glowing synths and big beats over the trippy guitars that defined 2019's acclaimed debut, TWENTY TWENTY. Blissed-out bops like "Change" see Keery delving deep into a broad spectrum of eclectic influences, deconstructing hyperpop, euphoric psychedelia, spiky new wave, and symphonic 70's rock into something utterly unique via dauntless melodies and technical innovation.

  • 1 Runner
  • 2 Gloom
  • 3 Half Life
  • 4 Fool
  • 5 On and on
  • 6 End of Beginning
  • 7 I Want Your Video
  • 8 Climax
  • 9 Change
  • 10 Is That All It Takes
  • 11 Go for It
  • 12 Figure You Out
  • 13 Slither

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