Carly Rae Jepsen Dedicated Album


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Dedicated is multi-platinum Grammy, Juno and Polaris Prize nominated singer/songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen's first studio album since 2015's E•MO•TION and includes the preceding singles "Now That I Found You" and "No Drug Like Me." Billboard declares that Dedicated finds the "Call Me Maybe" star "in full flourish on tracks like the bouncy Jack Antonoff-produced 1980s mall pop jam "Want You In My Room," the robotic space bop "Everything He Needs" and the slinky, urgent "I'll Be Your Girl." The whole project is bathed in a glittery Reagan-era sheen, from the cyborg backing vocals on several tracks to the crisp drum machine beats and the bright arrangements on the tropical hip-grinder "Too Much."

  1. Julien
  2. No Drug Like Me
  3. Now That I Found You
  4. Want You In My Room
  5. Everything He Needs
  6. Happy Not Knowing
  7. I'll Be Your Girl
  8. Too Much
  9. The Sound
  10. Automatically In Love
  11. Feels Right feat. Electric Guest
  12. Right Words Wrong Time
  13. Real Love

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