Van Halen Diver Down Album

Diver Down

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2015 Remastered Edition Cut Straight from the Quarter-Inch Tapes by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering

Some might say Van Halen invented the term "rock 'n' roll circus." With three revolving singers in the ring and a genius but demanding ringmaster at helm, their music, not to be outdone by their unruly on and off stage antics, made them a household name. Ultimately the juggling act was a success, and Van Halen would become one of most popular American rock & roll bands of the late 70s and early 80s.

Van Halen's self-titled 1978 debut sold over six million copies, thanks to the classic rock staples "You Really Got Me," "Jamie's Cryin'," and "Runnin' With the Devil." They supported the record by heading out on the road with fellow heavy metal group Black Sabbath, Eddie honing what would become his groundbreaking form and Roth unleashing his outrageous alter ego "Diamond Dave." On stage, Eddie pushed the limits of the electric guitar, popularizing underused techniques like two-handed tapping, hammer-ons and pull-offs. He'd also explore with sound effects, never shying away from advancements in sonic technology. Roth was his equal, not in form but surely in rock 'n' roll fantasy, bigger and bolder than life. He played the part of lead singer to near-performance art standards.

From then on, success came fast and furious. Sophomore release Van Halen II (1979) scored them their first Top 20 single "Dance The Night Away." Women and Children First (1980) and its follow-up Fair Warning (1981) both charted in the Top 10. 1982's Diver Down - which boasted five stylized covers - escalated Van Halen to mainstream status on account of their take on Roy Orbison's "(Oh) Pretty Woman." The single turned out to be a massive hit and with the help of further covers of "Dancing in the Street" and "Where Have All The Good Times Gone" the album landed at No. 3.
1. Where Have All the Good Times Gone
2. Hang 'Em High
3. Cathedral
4. Secrets
5. Intruder
6. (Oh) Pretty Woman
7. Dancing In the Street
8. Little Guitars (Intro)
9. Little Guitars
10. Big Bad Sill (Is Sweet William Now)
11. The Full Bug
12. Happy Trails

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