Egyptology (RSD Exclusive, Colored Vinyl, Blue, Gold)

Egyptology (RSD Exclusive, Colored Vinyl, Blue, Gold)

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Karl Wallinger defined the ornate, Beatlesque World Party sound on their debut Private Revolution, and he never strayed from that blueprint over the next decade, even if he augmented it with other '60s and '70s pop flourishes. 1997's Egyptology finds Wallinger at his most conservative, sticking to the basic late-'60s pop and psychedelia that distinguished Private Revolution and Goodbye Jumbo. As always, his production is tasteful and subtle, revealing new layers of sonic detail on each listen, and his songcraft is sturdy and tuneful, if not remarkable. There are no weak moments on the record. It's not flashy or extravagant, and it delivers a collection of fine pop tunes without pretension, and that alone makes it a better album than the ambitious Bang! Remastered in 2021 and reissued on gatefold 180g vinyl 2LP with a bonus side recorded live in NYC 1997.

  1. It Is Time
  2. Beautiful Dream
  3. Call Me Up
  4. Vanity Fair
  5. She's The One
  6. (Vocal Interlude)
  7. Curse of the Mummy's Tomb
  8. Hercules
  9. Love Is Best
  10. Rolling Off a Log


  1. Strange Groove
  2. The Whole of the, Night
  3. Piece of Mind
  4. This World
  5. Always
  6. It Is Time (Live)
  7. Beautiful Dream (Live)
  8. Rolling Off a Log (Live)
  9. Hercules (Live)
  10. Vanity Fair (Live)

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