Fair & Square (IEX-Green Vinyl)

Fair & Square (IEX-Green Vinyl)

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Grammy Award-Winning 2005 Album Back On Vinyl for the First Time in Over 16 Years!

John Prine's Grammy Award-winning album, Fair & Square, is available on vinyl for the first time in over 16 years courtesy of Oh Boy Records! The 2005 release won Best Contemporary Folk Album at the 48th Grammy Awards and achieved the fastest rise to No. 1 in the history of Americana radio. It marked a series of milestones for Prine, as it was his first album in nine years following 1995's Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings, as well as his first release after getting married to his wife and current president of Oh Boy, Fiona Whelan Prine. Released to widespread acclaim, Rolling Stone declared it, "an excellent set of songs full of rootsy warmth and unpretentious wit," while The Washington Post praised, "this low-key masterpiece arrives not just as a reminder of Prine's cleverness and mischievous wit but also as a confirmation of his deeply human values. These are values rooted in the enduring mystery and majesty of everyday, ordinary lives."

1. Glory of True Love (Prine, Roger Cook)
2. Crazy as a Loon (Prine, Pat McLaughlin)
3. Long Monday"(Prine, Keith Sykes)
4. Taking a Walk (Prine, McLaughlin)
5. Some Humans Ain't Human
5. My Darlin' Hometown (Prine, Roger Cook)
6. Morning Train (Prine, McLaughlin)
7. The Moon Is Down
1. Clay Pigeons (Blaze Foley)
2. She Is My Everything
3. I Hate It When That Happens to Me (Prine, Donnie Fritts)
4. Bear Creek Blues (A.P. Carter)
5. Other Side of Town (Live Recording)
6. Safety Joe

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