First Miles

First Miles

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Originally issued on Savoy Records in 1990, First Miles is a compilation album which includes Miles Davis' first ever recording session backing singer Rubberlegs Williams as an 18-year-old in 1945 and his first session as leader two years later in 1947 heading the Charlie Parker Quintet. The 20-track set comes complete with all of the alternate takes (partial and complete) from both historic sessions.

Miles Davis (trumpet) 
Rubberlegs Williams (vocals)
Herbie Field (clarinet, tenor saxophone)
Charlie Parker (tenor saxophone)
John Lewis / Teddy Brannon (piano)
Leonard Gaskin / Nelson Boyd (bass)
Max Roach / Ed Nicholson (drums)
John Lewis / Teddy Brannon (piano)

Miles Davis First Miles Track Listing: 

1.  That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch (alt. take 1)
2.  That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch (alt. take 2)
3.  That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch (master take 3)
4.  Pointless Mama Blues
5.  Deep Sea Blues
6.  Bring it on Home (F.S. take 1)
7.  Bring it on Home (alt. take 2)
8.  Bring it on Home (master-take 3)
9.  Milestones (F.S. take 1)
10. Milestones (master-take 2)
11. Milestones (alt. take 3)
12. Little Willie Leaps (F.S. - incomplete take 1)
13. Little Willie Leaps (alt. take 2)
14. Little Willie Leaps (master-take 3)
15. Half Nelson (alt. take 1)
16. Half Nelson (master-take 2)
17. Sippin' At Bells (F.S. incomplete take 1)
18. Sippin' At Bells (master-take 2)
19. Sippin' At Bells (F.S.-take 3)
20. Sippin' At Bells (alt. take 4)

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