Five Man London Jam

Five Man London Jam

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Tesla's new live album, Five Man London Jam, was recorded and filmed in 4K high-definition as an homage to their critically acclaimed and highly influential Top 20 platinum album Five Man Acoustical Jam. The recording of this live album took place when Tesla visited the famed iconic recording studio Abbey Road Studios for a one-night musical event capturing the band performing songs from their legendary arsenal including "Love Song" and "What You Give" along with their classic covers of "Signs" and "We Can Work It Out." Additionally, the band performed live for the first-time-ever their new song "California Summer Song" from their latest album Shock as well as "Tied To The Tracks" and "Forever Loving You." Available here on vinyl 2LP.


  1. Cumin' Atcha Live / Truckin'
  2. Tied To The Tracks
  3. We Can Work It Out
  4. Signs
  5. What You Give
  6. California Summer Song
  7. Forever Loving You


  1. Miles Away
  2. Paradise
  3. Call It What You Want
  4. Stir It Up
  5. Into The Now
  6. Love Song

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