Green Naugahyde (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (IEX Ghostly Green 2 LP)

Green Naugahyde (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (IEX Ghostly Green 2 LP)

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Led by musical genius and renowned world-class bassist Les Claypool, Primus offered up a fantastic, colorful journey through demented novelty compositions and preposterous instrumental rollercoasters that take The Residents' and Frank Zappa's blueprints to the most bizarre heights. The results are a unique form of psycho jazz, bass-oriented metal and alt-rock psychedelia.

Released in 2011 after a long hiatus, Green Naugahyde reunited the group with their early drummer Jay Lane and harkened back to the early days of Primus (think Frizzle Fry). Green Naugahyde expands on Primus' incomparable sound, bringing it into the next millennium. It is a cerebral and complex album that is teeming with the band's signature blend of whimsy and underlying darkness. The trio were described by Rolling Stone at the time as a "tight knotty rhythm team."

This 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition colored vinyl 2LP reissue comes packaged in a gatefold jacket with emboss and spot gloss plus updated artwork (new gatefold image, new inner sleeve art, naugahyde texture printed inside gatefold pockets).

1. Prelude To A Crawl
2. Hennepin Crawler
3. Last Salmon Man
4. Eternal Consumption Engine
5. Tragedy’s A’ Comin’
6. Eyes Of The Squirrel

1. Jilly’s On Smack
2. Lee Van Cleef
3. Moron TV
4. Green Ranger
6. Extinction Burst
7. Salmon Men

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