Hits Out of Hell

Hits Out of Hell

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Meat Loaf burst onto the world music stage in 1977, with his landmark release, Bat Out Of Hell, which transformed him from a stage actor into an American rock 'n' roll icon, as the album sold more than 43 million copies worldwide and is the third biggest selling record of all time. He followed Bat Out Of Hell with further masterpieces like 1981's Dead Ringer and 1984's Bad Attitude before issuing the excellent 10-track compilation Hits Out of Hell which gathered the Jim Steinman-penned classics "Paradise by the Dashboard Light," "Bat Out of Hell," "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad," "You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth," and "I'm Gonna Love Her for Both of Us" among others. If there's any collection that reinforces producer Rob Cavallo's claim that Meat Loaf had, "more rock 'n roll in his bones than anyone he's ever met" it's Hits Out of Hell!


  1. Bat Out of Hell
  2. Read 'Em and Wheep
  3. Midnight At The Lost And Found
  4. Two Out of Three Ain't Bad
  5. Dead Ringer for Love
  6. Modern Girl
  7. I'm Gonna Love Her for Both of Us
  8. You Took the Words Right out of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)
  9. Razor's Edge
  10. Paradise By the Dashboard Light

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