I Get Chet - 180-Gram Red Colored Vinyl [Import]

I Get Chet - 180-Gram Red Colored Vinyl [Import]

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LIMITED EDITION 180g COLOURED VINYL (RED) WITH IT'S 0WN UNIQUE STICKER Chet Baker, trumpet With: Bobby Jaspar (tenor saxs), Maurice Vander (piano), Benoit Quersin (bass), Jean-Louis Viale (drums), Raymond Fol (piano), Benny Vasseur (trombone), Jean Aldegon (alto saxs), Armand Migiani (tenor sax), William Boucaya (baritone sax), René Urtreger (piano), Jimmy Bond (bass), Bert Dahlander (drums), Jean-Louis Chautemps (tenor saxs), Francy Boland (piano), Eddie de Haas (bass), Charles Saudrais (drums), Teddy Ameline (alto sax), Pierre Lemarchand (drums), Pierre Michelot (conductor). All sessions produced by Nicole Barclay between December 1955 and March 1956, Paris, France.

  • 1 How About You?
  • 2 Once in a While
  • 3 Cheketah
  • 4 Alone Together
  • 5 Chet
  • 6 Dinah
  • 7 Tasty Pudding
  • 8 Anticipated Blues
  • 9 V Line
  • 10 Exitus
  • 11 Cheryl

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