Idolize Yourself: Very Best Of Billy Idol

Idolize Yourself: Very Best Of Billy Idol

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Billy Idol was an early architect of the sound, style, and fury of punk rock. His lip-curling sneer and fist-pumping persona vaulted him into the mainstream as one of MTV's first megastars. Idol created a pioneering new sound by bringing the spirit of '77 to the dance floor, going on to fashion an immediately identifiable musical blueprint that integrates club-land throb, rockabilly desperation, and rock'n'roll decadence. Available on vinyl for the first time, 2008's Idolize Yourself: The Very Best Of collects 16 of Idol's signature hits like "White Wedding," "Hot In The City," "Rebel Yell," "Eyes Without A Face," "Flesh for Fantasy," "Catch My Fall," "To be A Lover," "Mony Mony" and "Cradle of Love" plus the two then previously unreleased numbers John Wayne" and "New Future Weapon."

  1. Dancing With Myself
  2. Hot In The City
  3. White Wedding (Pt.1)
  4. Rebel Yell
  5. Eyes Without A Face
  6. Flesh For Fantasy
  7. Catch My Fall
  8. To Be A Lover
  9. Don't Need A Gun
  10. Sweet Sixteen
  11. Mony, Mony
  12. Cradle Of Love
  13. L.A. Woman
  14. Shock To The System
  15. Speed
  16. World Comin' Down
  17. John Wayne
  18. New Future Weapon

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