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Madvillain (MF Doom, Madlib) Madvillainy on 2LP

Two of hip hop's most brilliant minds and prolific artists met on 2004's Madvillainy which features music by Madlib and words by MF Doom. Ranks with the best work from either artist. Features the smash singles "Curls" and "Money Folder," plus cameos from Lord Quas, Wildchild, M.E.D. and Stacy Epps.

Madvillain Madvillainy Track Listing:

1.  The Illest Villains
2.  Accordian
3.  Meat Grinder
4.  Bistro
5.  Raid (feat. Medaphoar)
6.  America's Most Blunted (feat. Quasimoto)
7.  Sickfit (Instrumental)
8.  Rainbows
9.  Curls
10. Do Not Fire (Instrumental)
11. Money Folder
12. Shadows of Tomorrow (feat. Quasimoto)
13. Operation Lifesaver aka Mint Test
14. Figaro
15. Hardcore Hustle (feat. Wildchild)
16. Strange Ways
17. Fancy Clown (feat. Viktor Vaughn)
18. Eye (feat. Stacy Epps)
19. Supervillain Theme (instrumental)
20. All Caps
21. Great Day Today
22. Rhinestone Cowboy

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