Music from The Hunger Games Saga (Original Soundtrack)

Music from The Hunger Games Saga (Original Soundtrack)

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The Hunger Games is a series of 4 films based on the dystopian science fiction novels of the American author Suzanne Collins. It's futuristic universe and it's commitment has seduced fans since the first opus which has become cult.

The soundtrack of the saga is composed by James Newton Howard, one of the greatest composers of the 7th art. You will find in this vinyl the 15 most iconic themes and pieces of the 4 films played by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.'

  • 1 The Hunger Games
  • 2 Horn of Plenty
  • 3 Rue's Farewell
  • 4 Tenuous Winners / Returning Home
  • 5 The Tour
  • 6 Katniss Is Chosen
  • 7 I Need You
  • 8 Arena Crumbles
  • 9 The Mockingjay
  • 10 The Hanging Tree
  • 11 Air Raid Drill
  • 12 Victory
  • 13 Your Favorite Color Is Green
  • 14 Primrose

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