Of Monsters and Men My Head Is An Animal Album

My Head Is An Animal (10th Anniv., Red Vinyl)

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To celebrate a decade since the arrival of My Head Is An AnimalOf Monsters and Men present a 10th Anniversary colored vinyl 2LP reissue. Originally released in Iceland in 2011, this edition has four bonus tracks that were not on the 2012 U.S. version, including two never-before-heard songs: "Phantom" and "Sugar in a Bowl." Both songs were written at the same time as the rest of the songs on My Head Is An Animal, yet were only newly recorded. The band first performed "Phantom" in 2010 for the renowned Icelandic music competition Músíktilraunir, and their eventual win helped to jump-start their career. Meanwhile, "Sugar In A Bowl" was never recorded or performed in any capacity. "This album is how most of you got to know us and how we got to know you and for that we are forever grateful," said the band regarding the special release. "Thank you to everyone that listened to and supported us this past decade. Here's to another ten years!"

1. Dirty Paws
2. King And Lionheart [2011 Iceland Release Version]
3. Numb Bears [2011 Iceland Release Version]
4. Sloom
5. Little Talks
6. From Finner
7. Six Weeks 

1. Love Love Love
2. Your Bones
3. Lakehouse [2011 Iceland Release Version]
4. Yellow Light
5. Sinking Man [2011 Iceland Release Version]
6. Phantom
7. Sugar in a Bowl

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