Yuki Hayashi My Hero Academia Album

My Hero Academia: Season 5 O.S.T. (Blue & Red Vinyl)

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Composer and arranger Yuki Hayashi (My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, Pretty Cure, Strawberry Night) returns to the critically acclaimed My Hero Academia universe after scoring all four seasons of the hit anime television series as well as the first two film installments, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes and My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. Based on Kōhei Horikoshi's well-loved manga series, the fifth season of My Hero Academia premiered in March 2021.


  1. Go, Plus Ultra
  2. So Classmate Were Born Of Worthy Competition
  3. Successor
  4. "QUIRK" DON-PACHI Great Exchange
  5. A VS B
  6. What To Inherit
  7. The Mission Of The Stealth Hawk
  8. Different Ability Liberation Army
  9. My Villain Academia


  1. Second Coming
  2. Gigantomachia
  3. Mine Woman
  4. TOGA's Nature
  5. Symbol of Fear
  6. I Don't Kill My Friends
  8. Paranormal Liberation Front
  9. Sound of the Holidays
  10. Sound of the Holidays (Instrumental Version)

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