Nothing's Shocking

Nothing's Shocking

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Jane's Addiction's genre-defying 1988 masterpiece Nothing's Shocking captured the too short-lived quartet at its absolute peak. Combining radically diverse musical elements from art, psychedelic, and classic rock, to hard-core punk and funk and metal, Jane's Addiction was the last great precursor to the alternative revolution of 1991-92. From songs about Ted Bundy ("Ted, Just Admit It") to punk ideology as Eastern philosophy ("Pigs In Zen") to mystic romances ("Summertime Rolls") and early-morning thoughts ("Standing In The Shower...Thinking"), Perry Farrell consistently dissects his subjects through a psychologically-stimulating viewpoint while the extremely talented band made up of guitarist Dave Navarro, bassist Eric Avery, and drummer Stephen Perkin provide the songs with an expansive set of musical color. A must-have for lovers of cutting-edge, influential, and timeless rock, as well as anyone who's loved any band to emerge post-1990.

1. Up The Beach
2. Ocean Size
3. Had A Dad
4. Ted, Just Admit It
5. Standing In The Shower...Thinking
6. Summertime Rolls
7. Mountain Song
8. Idiots Rule
9. Jane Says
10. Thank You Boys
11. Pig's In Zen

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