Old England, New England

Old England, New England

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Now available on DOUBLE-LP (limited edition) are the radio broadcast live recordings of a performance of The Who, which took place in Lenox, MA during the summer of 1970. The setlist included many songs from 'Tommy' as well as classics s.a. 'I Can't Explain' and 'My Generation'.

Side A : Heaven And Hell / I Can’t Explain / I Don’t Even Know Myself / Young Man Blues
Side B : Introduction To Tommy / Overture / 1921 / Amazing Journey/Sparks
Side C : Eyesight To The Blind / Christmas / Acid Queen / Pinball Wizard / Do You Think It’s Alright / Fiddle About / Tommy Can You Hear Me / There’s A Doctor / Go To The Mirror Boy / Smash The Mirror / Miracle Cure / I’m Free
Side D : Tommy’s Holiday Camp / We’re Not Gonna Take It / My Generation

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