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Death Cab For Cutie Plans on 180g 2x Vinyl LP! 

The group's major-label debut has all the plot twists you would expect in an action-packed hour long teen drama, complete with heartache, unmitigated jubilation and tons of contemplation. But the follow-up to 2003's breakthrough, Transatlanticism, also has something the TV show is lacking: gigantic power-pop melodies in songs such as 'Soul Meets Body' and 'Marching Bands of Manhattan' and wussy-boy lyrics that'll make your heart grow a few sizes. Exquisitely delivered on two platters of 180 gram vinyl, with the 4th side containing a vinyl only track.

 1. Marching Bands of Manhattan   
 2. Soul Meets Body   
 3. Summer Skin   
 4. Different Names for the Same Thing   
 5. I Will Follow You into the Dark   
 6. Your Heart Is an Empty Room   
 7. Someday You Will Be Loved   
 8. Crooked Teeth   
 9. What Sarah Said   
10. Brothers on a Hotel Bus   
11. Stable Song   

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