PSA (IEX Opaque Magenta Vinyl)

PSA (IEX Opaque Magenta Vinyl)

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PSA is the full-length debut album from Houston-based singer PeytonRadiating confidence and self-love, PSA sees Peyton standing in the spotlight and making herself heard. Throughout the 12-track album, listeners are taken inside the reflective world of a young woman's attempt to comprehend love, friendship, and life itself. "Everything I'm singing feels like my thoughts are pouring out boldly to the world," she says. Peyton began writing PSA in 2018, then worked with several producers including Biako, Jay Anthony, Vicky Farewell, Julia Lewis and Keys & Krates, to bring her vision to life. The album's opening track "What Did I Do" puts a positive spin on her break-up with a close friend; "Don't U Wanna Fly" is a reminder to see the beauty in child-like simplicity; "Let It Flow" is about trusting your intuition, and "Perfect Peach" is a song about innocent love. The album closes with Peyton's cover of "Pure Imagination" – originally sung by Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory – a song that draws on PSA's themes of youthful hope and continual creativity.

1. What Did I Do
2. Let it Flow feat. Brice Blanco
3. Haters
4. Ppl Say
6. Vicky’s Interlude
7. Big Flexer feat. Ian McGilber
8. Don’t U Wanna Fly feat. Fousheé
9. Tad Bit
10. It’s Been So Long
11. Perfect Peach
12. Pure Imagination

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