Quaker City Quiet Pills

Quaker City Quiet Pills

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In an era of unparalleled stupidity, political dysfunction, and societal collapse, couldn’t we really use a new Dead Milkmen album? After nearly nine long years, that wish has been granted.

This summer, the Dead Milkmen will return with their long-awaited 11th studio album, Quaker City Quiet Pills, to be released via Philadelphia-based independent label The Giving Groove on June 9. Written over the tumultuous three-year span of 2019 to 2022, the album marks the legendary satirical punk band’s first new LP since 2014’s Pretty Music for Pretty People. Fans will be happy to find it steeped in the trademark mix of energized punk hooks, irreverent humor, and biting social commentary that has animated this group since their historic arrival on the punk scene 38 years ago.

1.Grandpa's Not a Racist (He Just Voted for One)
2.Philadelphia Femdom 
3.Musical Chairs 
4.The King of Sick
5.Albert Square 
6.Astral Dad
7.We Have Always Lived in the Compound
8.We Are (Clearly Not) The Master Race 
9.How Do You Even Manage to Exist? 
10.God Wrote Cum Junkie 
11.Hen's Teeth and Goofa Dust 
12.Melt Into the Night 
13.The New York Guide to Art

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