Ritual De Lo Habitual

Ritual De Lo Habitual

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Jane's Addiction's third release Ritual De Lo Habitual is one of the cornerstones of 1990s alternative rock. The double platinum affair features the group's breakthrough hit "Been Caught Stealing," as well as the genre classics "Stop!," "Ain't No Right" and "Classic Girl," alongside the back-to-back epics "Three Days" and "Then She Did." Unfortunately, Ritual De Lo Habitual would also serve as the band's final album with the original lineup. The members parted ways in 1991 after their last live appearances headlining Lollapalooza, the tour series started by lead singer Perry Farrell.


  1. Stop
  2. No One Leaving
  3. Ain't No Right
  4. Obvious
  5. Been Caught Stealing


  1. Three Days
  2. Then She Did...
  3. Of Course
  4. Classic Girl

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