Sally Cinnamon (Colored Vinyl, Red)

Sally Cinnamon (Colored Vinyl, Red)

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Indie Exclusive * Bonus Tracks! * Sally Cinnamon is acknowledged as the first release in the style which would come to be recognized as the Stone Roses' trademark sound. This EP includes 12" single mix, all the B Sides and additional live tracks. This is the first time this new configuration has ever been released. Exclusive Red heavy weight 180 gsm Vinyl. Half-speed mastered to the highest possible quality and DMM – Direct Metal Mastered with protective polypropylene inner bag. There will be other colored variants in the marketplace 90 days after this is released.


1. Sally Cinnamon
2. Sally Cinnamon – 12” single mix
3. Here it Comes
4. All Across the Sands
5. Sally Cinnamon Live
6. Here it Comes Live
7. Here it Comes Live
8. All Across the Sands

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