Skeletons (White/Slip Mat)

Skeletons (White/Slip Mat)

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Includes a slip mat!

Brothers Osborne return with their much-anticipated third album, Skeletons, which finds the 6x Grammy nominated country duo again teaming with producer Jay JoyceJohn and TJ Osborne co-wrote every track on the album, working with their frequent collaborators Lee Miller, Craig Wiseman, Natalie Hemby, Casey Beathard and others. Skeletons includes lead single "All Night" which was co-written with Andrew DeRoberts and was described by Billboard as a "feel-good, rocking ditty" and "a party-friendly tune that's equal parts outlaw attitude, disco groove and ZZ Top-style boogie" by Rolling Stone. "If Pawn Shop was our introduction, and Port Saint Joe was like the first conversation we had with someone over a beer, then Skeletons is the moment where you start getting down to the real stuff and showing who you really are. If you really want to get to know us, this is the record to do it," John explains. LP packaging includes bonus vinyl slip mat.

  1. Lighten Up
  2. All Night
  3. All The Good Ones Are
  4. I'm Not For Everyone
  5. Skeletons
  6. Back On The Bottle
  7. High Note
  8. Muskrat Greene
  9. Dead Man's Curve
  10. Make It A Good One
  11. Hatin' Somebody
  12. Old Man's Boots

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