Sloe Gin [Import]

Sloe Gin [Import]

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Joe Bonamassa Sloe Gin on 180g Import LP

Sloe Gin, the 2007 album from guitar virtuoso, vocalist and songwriter Joe Bonamassa, debuted at #1 on Billboard's Blues Albums chart (all his previous albums had either gone #1 or Top 10). Out-of-the-box success for the potent Sloe Gin, a landmark in Joe's evolution from blues prodigy to full-fledged blues-rock star, underscores Modern Guitar Magazine's review, which stated, "within the first 20 seconds of the opening's clear we're in the presence of something has the makings of a year-round classic that could set a new standard for recorded blues, rock, blues-rock and a few other genres."
An artistic tour de force, Sloe Gin is Bonamassa's seventh solo effort and second produced by Kevin Shirley (Joe Satriani, Black Crowes, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin). "Sloe Gin is different than anything I’ve ever done before. I know we bettered You & Me,” said Joe. “The songs are more refined, and I was concentrating on them as a whole rather than only thinking about a 50-bar guitar solo. Also, singing is a bigger part of it for me than ever before, and it’s awesome to have that space – to connect with fans on a musical and lyrical level.”

Bonamassa attributes much of the album’s power to his continued collaboration with Shirley – “It’s unbelievable, he takes my vision, augments it, and brings it further than I ever would have thought to.” Joe specifically cites his influence on the title track “Sloe Gin,” a slamming, raw blues-rock opus clocking in at over eight minutes. “I never would have found that one on my own,” says Joe, “or gone where Kevin went with it. I really owe that whole sound for me to him.”

Rock n Roll Universe writes, "in the world of blues rock, Joe Bonamassa literally has no peers...But to classify Bonamassa as merely a blues musician would be a great disservice...while his albums have consistently reached #1 on Billboard's Blues Album Charts, with this album he transcends what is normally accepted in the traditionally purist blues circles...No longer tethered to tradition, the guitarist shines like the sun, as hot as Phoenix or Las Vegas on a summer afternoon."

“Joe is unquestionably among our greatest living guitarists, destined to be counted among the greatest of all time.” - The Orange County Register

“Right now, there’s no better Blues-rock artist than Bonamassa.” –

Joe Bonamassa Sloe Gin Track Listing:

1.  Ball Peen Hammer
2.  One Of These Days
3.  Another Kind Of Love
4.  Sloe Gin
5.  Jelly Roll
6.  Dirt In My Pocket
7.  Black Night
8.  Seagull
9.  India
10. Richmond
11. Around The Bend

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