Some Great Reward

Some Great Reward

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Depeche Mode Some Great Reward on 180g LP

Initially rooted in the U.K.’s New Romantic movement, modern rock icons Depeche Mode first formed in 1980 with founding partners Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, Vince Clarke, and Andrew Fletcher. Their pioneering, synthesizer-based sound became a global phenomenon that made them wildly successful electro-pop superstars who loomed as large as cult heroes as they did as commercial heavies. With an originality of vision that’s only grown over time, the band’s wealth of singles and signature tracks ranges from bold dance grooves to atmospheric alt-pop to dramatic, industrial flavored masterpieces. 

Depeche Mode's assent and evolution to legendary status started here. Some Great Reward, the band's 1984 industrial/mainstream masterpiece, is largely known for spawning the hit single "People Are People," one of the most familiar and beloved tunes of the '80s. Moody, dark, intelligent, sardonic, and completely in tune with the attitudes of the Reagan-Thatcher era, the touchstone release also features such signature Depeche Mode tracks as "Somebody," "Blasphemous Rumors," and "Master and Servant."

Depeche Mode Some Great Reward Track Listing:

1.  Something To Do 
2.  Lie To Me 
3.  People Are People 
4.  It Doesn't Matter 
5.  Stories Of Old 
6.  Somebody 
7.  Master And Servant 
8.  If You Want 
9.  Blasphemous Rumours 

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